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The message is necessarily cryptic - 102


The message is necessarily cryptic

Post 1:

"I love songs that have no meaning or non meaning where the words twirl through your mind stream and leave the flavor of empty whirlpools, as you taste the incomparable wonder of beauty just missed..."

-- Nancy Neithercut (?=\n)

Post 2:

However beautiful a song may be, it is just a tune to those who do not understand its meaning.

~ Milarepa

HH Gyalwa Karmapa’s painting of Milarepa

Via: (?=\n)



It seems that deep songs & verses are necessarily cryptic, if not confusing, for the ordinary mind, and totally obtuse for a scientific / logical mind:

Often the meaning of a song / verse is in what it doesn't mean.

In the sense that words can only refute other words / views, they are at best mutual antidotes, and cannot ever affirm the inconceivable Truth.

They call this pointing at the moon.

Maybe they should call this pointing away from earth.

And by refuting other views, they bring freedom, openness to an infinity of possibilities. Maybe that is why we love poems and cryptic buddhist texts.

So, for now on I hope I will have a new appreciation for teachings in poetic form.



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